Based on 269 reviews
So nice!

Really love the quality of the strap. Can't wait to see it wear in over the years!

Sportsman Tag
Wesley Chandler (Memphis, US)
Great quality

Great quality product! Couldn’t be happier!

Dove & Quail Birdstrap
Trenton Laird (Dallas, US)
Dove birdstrap

Impeccable quality, a generational item made so well to pass down to your kids. Only gets better every hunt..

Axis Deer Shell Bag - Double
Brandon Blanch (Fredericksburg, US)
Axis bag

Absolutely beautiful….. I purchased this as a gift and will probably be ordering another for myself.

Shell Bag - Double
Ernest Bailes (Houston, US)
Double Shell Bag & Belt

Top notch service and heirloom quality to be around for generations to come!

Dog Collar
Ahsim Khan (Sacramento, US)
Just buy one

Great collar, nicely made, quality leather. Good customer service.

Just buy one

2" Shell Bag Belt - Velcro
Matt Darling (Dallas, US)
Best Belt Around

I had been looking for a nice leather shell bag belt and a friend recommended Birdstrap. I'm glad he did, the attention to detail, fit, comfort and quality of the leather belt is top notch. I love the velco and I can loosen or tighten the belt anytime when I'm out shooting. One of the coolest things that came with the belt was the hand written note thanking me for my purchase. A great testament to a great company! It won't be the last purchase I make with them!

Cape Buffalo Shell Bag
Mel Parks (Kingwood, US)
Highest Quality

Attention to detail could not be better. Quality material fabricated into a beautiful functional leather shell bag. I am totally satisfied!!!

Ostrich Shell Bag - Single
Christopher Bounds (Maryville, US)
Quality product

The attention to detail is great. This shell bag is made from quality materials that look great and will last a long time. Highly recommend

Shell Bag - Single
Eric (Lake Orion, US)

Shipping was very fast! I sent an email regarding having a grommet added for a towel, was responded to very fast and they accommodated my request perfectly. The shell bag is of high quality leather and craftsmanship, you won't be disappointed.

D-Ring Birdstrap
Chris Calhoun (Knoxville, US)
Great product

Great product. Well built. Will definitely recommend

Dove & Quail Birdstrap
Bill Finnegan
Dove & Quail Birdstrap

Outstanding quality and excellent design. Absolutely the best.

Standard Birdstrap
Samuel Lofton (Orlando, US)

Their product exceeded my expectations in every way. Quality leather and quality service. The extra note along with my receipt really personalized the purchase and made me feel like they catered specifically to me and took the time to appreciate my order. Overall I was beyond satisfied and I plan to order more from the company in the future!!!

8-Loop Drop
James Heavner (Hendersonville, US)
First Class Duck Straps

I saw these at Spread Oaks Ranch and just had to have my own. Mine arrived quickly and were top quality.

Leather Clip Board
Ben McAnally (Abilene, US)
Absolutely Fantastic - THE BEST GIFT

Anthony delivers! the leather clipboards are a favorite gift of mine for the avid clay shooter that always needs a clipboard in the bag. This might be my favorite item in this catalog. TEN STARS

D-Ring Birdstrap
Patrick M. (Virginia Beach, US)
Another Quality Product from Birdstrap.

I recently received the D-Ring Birdstrap and put it straight into use. I own almost every product that they make and this one is on par with rest (simply some of the best you can buy). The brass hardware is solid and not plated like some. The leather is thick, well stitched, and impervious to water / mud. It’s also treated with oil adding to its durability. When the leather bends and flexes you get some “plume” indeed showing that. I’m hard on gear and look forward to this piece lasting a long time. PS: If you read this Anthony, please consider making a few Shotgun Cases of the same quality.
Thanks! Patrick

Bison Shell Bag
Debbie Bonno (Houston, US)
Service service service

Down home service when my online order was sold out got an immediate and a great solution to the problem delivered by Christmas !!!! Great he loves the bag!!

Axis Deer Shell Bag - Single
ERIC NICHOLAS (Versailles, US)
Craftsmanship elevated.

You only have to look at the Axis deer shell bag to see the craftsmanship that is required to make this piece. It is Unique and made to age gracefully with use over time. Thanks again!

Card Wallet
Marla Crippen (Port Arthur, US)
Card Wallet

Very nice leather wallet with Initials. Great gift!!

Dove & Quail Birdstrap
James Haining
Great product and even better service

Big thanks to Anthony for always taking time to make sure everything is 100% !

Bison Shell Bag
Kim Sheffield (Atlanta, US)
The best there is!

Like the best things that are made, You will have to wait for it. But it’s Worth it. Don’t waste your time looking for something as good. Pay the price and wait for it. You will be happy you did!

Leather Clip Board
ted Deppe (Crownsville, US)

Excellent craftsmanship. Awesome service!

D-Ring Birdstrap
Derrell Feverjean (Woodway, US)

Sir, you definitely take pride in your work and it shows!

Leather Clip Board
Mike Woerner (Houston, US)
Great company

Always has done quality work - great folks to work with -their products are the best

D-Ring Birdstrap
Lee Street (Winnsboro, US)

Excellent quality product. As good of craftsmanship as I’ve ever seen !